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According to our overall mission statement “galleriiizu – Not just a gallery”, our new “7/7:Opportunities” campaign shall explore and create new opportunities for the Malaysian public to interact with our gallery as well as to participate in and learn about art in Malaysia. Following our maxim of bringing art closer to the audience and communicating the beauty and variety of art to everybody, we have designed special programs to draw public attention to the uniqueness of Malaysian art. We will open our door even wider than before, trying to motivate and inspire people to actively participate in the process of building and establishing a lively art scene in Malaysia.


1) Opportunities for Friends
Share your love for art with your friends in an inspiring environment, where you can meet artists or browse an interesting variety of arts or simply have a coffee while catching a glimpse of the latest Malaysian Contemporary art! Use the platform we provide to everybody – aficionados and newcomers – to play an active part in the Malaysian art community!

And if you and your friend(s) have always dreamed of collecting fine art but you have to cope with a limited budget, find out more about our discount program for friends, specially designed for group purchases.


2) Opportunities for Collectors
For our experienced collectors we will organize exclusive previews of selected art pieces and provide privileged purchase opportunities.

Our new secondary art market shall provide collectors the opportunity to sell art pieces once purchased or trade works of art among each other. So if you would like to give your collection a new face-lift by placing high-end art pieces back on the market and purchasing new ones, talk to us!


3) Opportunities for Members
Join our galleriiizu network and profit from special discount programs. By signing up for our mailing list you will be regularly informed on ongoing exhibitions and new launches and you will be invited to exclusive member events.


4) Opportunities for Individual Partners
You are interested in conceptualizing your own art show? You have discovered new talents on the market and would like to promote or support them? Or you would love to use our facilities for a special event? Work together with us in your free time by designing and curating art shows, by proposing and managing events or by gaining new art collectors and we will offer you attractive incentives and rewards!


5) Opportunities for Corporate Partners
You need to purchase a significant number of fine art or you want to commission high-quality prints to equip your office, hotel or restaurant? galleriiizu offers recommendations on how to enhance your corporate art portfolios according to your respective individual preferences and budget, sourcing and commissioning of preferred art pieces as well as to design and produce individualized art merchandizing items at low cost.

And if you are looking for a suitable venue for your corporate event – be it for staff parties, network happenings or public launching of your new product – you may rent our vibrant and exciting gallery space with its spectacular view! Our 100ft long floor to ceiling visual display space captures the almost crawling motorists at peak hours along Jalan Pinang. Our spacious and modern facilities are designed in an adaptable and modifiable way to suit the character of your personal event. Let us be your host and your event will definitely become the talk of town!


6) Opportunities for Art Lovers
We are not satisfied with simply selling art, we want to help forming an active Malaysian art scene by educating and offering art lovers a chance to regularly come together, explore ideas and inspire each other. Therefore we organize and conduct educational programs for students and professionals, art classes, workshops, art talks and discussions. You want to explore your creative potential, you are simply curious discussing art with the masters or you want to participate in a design workshop, find out more about upcoming events!


7) Opportunities Online
Within the scope of this new campaign we will give our website a new face-lift. Visit www.galleriiizu.com and get the latest art news! Find out what’s happening around town, sign up for the latest events, find out more about Malaysian artists or read our tips on how to evaluate and purchase art.


If you are interested and want to find out more about our new campaign,
please register yourself with us.


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