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MILESTONE No. 4: 2005-2006

Not just a gallery! - The Positioning.

Upon a close and careful study on the AX Space brand name, it was decided that the art center would be re-name as galleriiizu. The move will allow the art center to leverage on galleriiizu’s recognized brand name. Hence, we develope the positioning structure.

galleriiizu is all about making art easily accessible to everyone – be it art lovers, art dealers, art collectors, the artists or the public. It is all about sharing and exploring new ideas, as well as inspiring one another. The art center is the perfect venue for creativity, curiosity and insights to mingle.

galleriiizu is also synonymous to INTEGRATION – the integration of Minimalism and Conceptualism, the integration of paintings and installations, the integration of traditional fine art and digital media, the integration of emerging artists and renowned masters, the integration of young collectors and aficionados – all on one common ground.

Located adjacent to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, galleriiizu sits on more than 4,000 sq. ft. of open display space thus, possibly makes it one of the largest privately-owned contemporary art gallery in South East Asia! Its stunning floor-to-ceiling exhibition window is home to a vast collection of art styles, including abstract art. This art center’s vibrant atmosphere and striking modern interior features dedicated sections for each type of art.

'7' Exhibition - Celebrating the Magnificent Number 7
1/7 Exhibition - 'Kalakotabharu' Exhibition by Mohd Noor
2/7 Exhibition - Malaysian Digital Experiments and The 'Use Again' Asia Pacific Exhibition
3/7 Exhibition - 7 Aside - Offsight & Insight (Group Show)
4/7 Exhibition - 'COMM.BLK' - An Installation by Frank Woo
5/7 Exhibition - SA'L'E - Sunday Art 'Lelong' Event
6/7 Exhibition - MAN+GOD -
7/7 Exhibition -


MILESTONE No. 3: 2002 - 2004

From Titiwangsa, galleriiizu moved to Bukit Tunku. Along with the move, galleriiizu explored and expanded its operations via a joint-programme with renowned F&B outlets - Tamarind Hills Restaurant at Ampang and Ole Café at Changkat Bukit Bintang. These restaurants feature a quaint mini-gallery where guests were able to enjoy, enquire and discover marvelous arts pieces in authentic F&B settings.

In the late 2004, galleriiizu was invited by the owner of Menara Standard Chartered to enhance the building’s outlook in Jalan Raja Chulan. The moved was to participate and celebrate the launch of the building by Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi.

In view of this, galleriiizu arrived at a novel art gallery that is… not just a gallery. It was an art center that showcases various forms of artistic expressions and work-of-art, rather than just fine art. The art center, called AX Space, was established to extend the original art gallery concept further.

Energy, Hussin Hourmain, galleriiizu @ Tamarind Hill
Untitled, Various Artists, galleriiizu @ Ole Café
Le Jardin Maraîcher, Rafiee Ghani, (Renaissance Hotel)
100 Years Photography, St John Institution (Mandarin Hotel)
Pop Primitive (Preview), Fauzul Yusri, galleriiizu @ Kenny Hill
Pop Primitive, Fauzul Yusri, Security Commission (Bukit Kiara)


MILESTONE No. 2: 2000

In early 2000, Izuldin Hani moved his art gallery into a resplendent and spacious split unit post modern bungalow at Titiwangsa. The cosy environment, complete with a beautiful tropical garden, was the perfect setting for art lovers to enjoy the various art displays. The laid-back, warm and friendly atmosphere quickly became a regular meeting point for many art enthusiasts.

Since then, galleriiizu has showcased a growing number of local artists and their various forms of art. The gallery gradually broadened its activities by hosting an exhibition called ‘Old Collectibles’, displaying collectibles such as Coca-Cola cans, signages, designer bottles, advertising prints, posters, toys, and such.


Dusun Raja, Rafiee Ghani
CigArt II, Various Artists (Havana Club, Concorde Hotel)
Garden Party Exhibition, Various Artists
Kebun Sultan, Rafiee Ghani

MILESTONE No. 1: 1998

It all began when the amiable Izuldin Hani was still working with an established international advertising agency. As his passion for art grew, he began to dedicate his available time to the world of art in a humble, rented villa in Bukit Antarabangsa.

Through the unfailing support from his friends and associates, Izuldin pushed his passion further by organising and managing its first exhibition entitled CigArt. It was held at the J. W. Marriot Hotel, in cooperation with Havana Club. The first few artists who supported galleriiizu were Jailani Abu Hassan, Rafiee Ghani, Zallie Lesut, Zaim Darulaman, Adino Kamarudin, Shafie Ramli a.k.a Chief, Ahmad Nazri Abdullah and a guest artist Mohammad Din Mohammad from Singapore.

The invaluable experience and relationship with established local artists from his first (and sold-out!) exhibition was a pivotal moment for Izuldin. It was all Izuldin needed to continue his journey into the Malaysian art scene at a greater momentum.

CigArt, Group Show (Havana Club, J.W. Marriot Hotel)







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