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Art appreciation in Malaysia is at its infancy compared to its neighours (Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia) and the Western countries. The awareness and knowledge on art is confined to a small circle of individuals who have had exposure to Western lifestyles and cultures. These individuals form the Malaysian art community that embraces art as part of their daily lives, an investment and a facet of fine living.

The path towards shaping the Malaysian artistic identity is not without its controversies. The art movement has been shaped by external forces and these factors have contributed to the sluggish growth of the Malaysian art market.

galleriiizu was founded in the year 1998 to uplift fine living, arts and culture into the Malaysian art scene. The gallery aims to make art accessible to its intended audience and communicate the beauty of art to the hesitant public. All kinds of art in various contexts will be introduced to the gallery’s visitors - be it painting, drawings, sculptures, installations, crafts and industrial or decorative pieces.

galleriiizu will also support the establishment of a passive and active art community that will bridge the unattended gap between art appreciation and the public’s lack of awareness of art. The gallery will continuously work with art authorities, foundations, private galleries, corporate bodies and art lovers to further establish a stronger Malaysian art community and market.

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