Whenever people get together to appreciate the beauty of art, they should also give a thought to the less fortunate. There are many people in our country who, through no fault of their own, have become victims of tragic circumstances. galleriiizu contributes to various charitable causes on a regular basis. Anyone seeking assistance in a moment of despair is also welcome to contact galleriiizu. In addition, galleriiizu is always open to joint-partnerships with individuals or organisations for a good cause.
  " Hit & Run charity drive campaign".

Donor, Ir. Rosalind Janendra.

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"Nationwide call for help"

Broadcast by NTV7
Donor, Wan Kamarudin

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Masterpiece revealed

ON March 16, HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad auctioned off a work by leading local artist Jalaini Abu Hassan for charity.

The painting was sold for RM33,000, the proceeds were contributed to local volunteer relief organisation, Mercy Malaysia.

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