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Celebrating The Magnificent Number 7,
from 7 December 2005 to 7 July 2006.

Kuala Lumpur – galleriiizu presents 7, an art exhibition of original paintings, drawings and mix media from 7 significant artists. The exhibition opens to the public on Wednesday, 7 December 2005 with a public reception from 7pm onwards. The exhibition will be on view through to Friday, 7 July 2006. galleriizu will be open 7 days a week during the exhibition period.

7 Masters, 7 Mediums, 7 Philosophies, 7 Statements, 7 Mysteries, 7 Challenges, 7 Sections
In pursuit of the spirit of number 7, 7 masters, 7 up and coming artist, 7 digital artist, 7 designers, 7 different types of art work will be created, all highly imaginative, well-established, and award-winning artist. These art pieces will feature a unifying 7 themes throughout its 7 sections, interpreted by each artist in their own narrative, thought-provoking, striking and unconventional manner.

In numerology, the number 7 is thought to be one of the most psychic and mystical numbers. It is often referred to as the spirtiual number. The number 7 also signifies intellect and an introspective, analytical mind. It suggests the need to think deeply. 7 is also said to be sacred, and this is evident by these facts - the universe consists of 7 planets (which you can see through naked eyes), there are 7 seas and 7 continents on planet Earth, there are 7 days in the week, 7 colours in a rainbow, 7 wonders of the world, 7 chakras, 7 notes in the musical scale, and the list goes on.

The evolution of galleriiizu has been greatly influenced by the mystical number 7. For galleriiizu, number 7 intertwines with many 7 facts as well. The founder, Izuldin Hani, was born on 7th July (7.7) and he’s a 7th child in a sibling of 9. It took him 7 years to open his first public gallery and galleriiizu have been moving from place to place 7 times. (Galleriiizu started way back in 1998 in a small villa unit in Bukit Antarabangsa then moved to Titiwangsa, Bukit Tunku – branch out to Tamarind Hills (Ampang), Ole Café (Changkat Bukit Bintang), Menara Standard Chartered (Jalan Sultan Ismail) and now in UOA Centre. Coincidentally, there are 7 sections that display various art forms at galleriiizu. Countdown to “The Big 7

The 7 exhibition that was launched on 7 December 2005 marks the first of its 7 series. Every month, beginning on the 7th of course, galleriiizu will feature one local artist in one of the 7 sections in the gallery. These monthly exhibitions are actually a countdown to The Big 7 that will take place on 7 July 2006. Watch out for this event as there will be a BIG, BIG Celebration!

The FIRST Master of this series will be launch this coming 7th January 2006 featuring Mohammad Noor Mahmud. Watch out for this magnificent work of art! It’s totally fascinating and breathtaking! View to appreciate. For those who are curios, private viewing can be arrange prior to release.


Participating Artist’s List

Fine Artist

Rafiee Ghani
Jailaini Abu Hassan
Ahmad Shukri
Fauzul Yusri
Raduan Man
Suzlee Ibrahim
Mohammad Noor
Ahmad Nizam
Hafiz Razak
Zaim Darulaman
Digital Artist Aneem
Tan Chee Hon
Muid Latif

Installation Artist
Chin Wan Kee
Frank Woo
Shafee @ Chief
Leslie Teong

Performing Artist

Street Horn Syndicate (7 artist members)
Designers Sueh Li
Chin Sen
Wei Ming
Driv & Zee Lah
Silent Keat

( a total of 43 artist )


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